Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Many couples spend years of their marriage bumping heads over how their family should work.  Most of us come into marriage with our own of how a "family works."; ideas usually based from our family experiences growing up. Many couples end up fighting over something as trivial as who should take out the trash, wash the dishes or change the bathroom towels.  Sounds petty right? However, these little issues can quickly add up to big problems, especially if you add children. 

My tip is to figure out how you can live together emotionally and physically; while each maintaining their own sense of self.

Things to remember:
  • How a couple manages parenting responsibilities effects the quality of your entire marriage.
  • You and your partner may have extremely different beliefs on how a child should be raised and what “family time” means.
  • Have clear conversations about the basics; employment expectations, your religious practices, the importance of sitting down to dinner as a family, etc. 
  • Lastly, the more open and honest the communication the more successful the outcome! 


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