Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My husband and I have quite the unexpected love story. We were both married previously and my experience wasn’t exactly the best. I married the summer after my sophomore year in college at the naive age of nineteen and marriage was great for the first seven years. However, our marriage suffered the strain of our military service and a cycle of infidelity.

After thirteen years of pouring and praying that my marriage would be saved by my faith alone, I decided that I had enough and filed for divorce. This was after the birth of my second son, but I decided that I would rather be single and celibate, raising my boys without the thought of remarriage.

However, God had other plans! I met my “husboofriend” literally three weeks after I left my husband and he waited for me. My children fell in love with him first, since he was the complete opposite of what I would typically be physically attracted to. But, it didn't take long at all for his kind heart and selflessness to win me.

He spent seventeen years in his first marriage and I’m certain he was perfectly happy with raising his two sons. So, neither of us was expecting to fall in love; we weren’t looking, but a mutual friend played cupid and we won. No, we are winning! I am his and he is mine, forevermore!


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